January 13, 2017

Of course the most common question I am asked is "How do I lose weight?"  With the new year it's something that is on the minds of many.  So with this in mind, I've compiled some tips to help you reach the body composition you desire, whether it be for health, aestheti...

December 3, 2016

   I chose Marshia Hawkins as my monthly feature back in March after her early success.  Now after nearly a full year together, I think she would be better described as THE Marshia Hawkins.  After reaching the initial goals she set back in March, Marshia set even highe...

August 25, 2016

Beth Rompf has been working with me for nearly a year, since her friend Karen Midden first encouraged her.  Beth wanted to improve her strength, balance, posture and stamina, as well as lose some weight.  In that time she has made great gains in all of those categories...

March 26, 2016

Marshia Hawkins began working with me at the beginning of this year after her husban Ken bought her training sessions for Christmas.  While many resolutions have been discarded by this time, Marshia's original goals have been met and she now has her sights set on bigge...

January 2, 2016


Obviously it's time for New Year's Resolutions and many of you will be looking for a fresh starts and setting fitness goals for the new year.  While this type of thing is often met with rolling eyes, I'll be the first to laud the importance of goal setting.  Real impr...

November 13, 2015

Emma Brown quickly made a great impression on me and

I'm glad to say the feeling has yet to wear off.  Emma came to me in August with the goals of losing weight and improving her health and appearance.  Despite her ever smiling face, I knew this lady was serious and I e...

November 1, 2015

Some of you will be disappointed to read about this secret.  It is not a pill or a 3 1/2 minute workout that instantly shreds your physique.  It's not something you can do for three weeks and then kick back and admire your six-pack abs.  I'm talking about consistency....

October 10, 2015

If you're a 90's child like myself you've been aware of beets for a long time (thanks to one Doug Funnie) but have never made them a regular part of your diet.  Aside from having the low-calorie, high nutrient content that you expect in a veggie, beets also have a high...

September 27, 2015

There are now a lot of non-dairy milk products available including soy, almond, coconut, rice, and my favorite, cashew.  Each has its own flavor and some advantages and disadvantages compared to regular cow's milk.  The main disadvantagers are less protein and greater...

July 15, 2015

So many folks don't take the first step to a healthier lifestyle because the destination or goal seems so far off and so hard to acheive.  As you know all journeys start with a single step.  Louis and Clark didn't skip ahead to the end of their journey and you can't ei...

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