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Monthly Feature for May 2016

May 9, 2016


Joslyn Stanfield is once again my Monthly Feature for May 2016.  I'll be the first to tell you that Joslyn has some rare natural gifts that allow her to reach very high for personal goals.  She has great full body strength and what I would call amazing durability.  However, it has been her discipline, inner-drive and mental toughness that have kept her training consistently for months, when her many responsibilities (3 kids, a farm, a full-time job) could have provided ample excuses.  


Joslyn has managed to increase strength, endurance and lose weight simultaneously, which is no easy task.  She has lost 19 pounds since she began training which put her dead on her target weight.  She impresses in the weight room with any exercise, but just for example, she does strict push-ups in sets of 20, and deadlifts and squats 165 pounds for multiple reps, which is well beyond her own body weight.  In early April at Run the Bluegrass she completed her second half-marathon in 1:56:22.  This was more than 20 minutes faster than the half she ran 5 years ago on a faster course! Joslyn also completed her first full marathon at the Flying Pig in an impressive time of 4:08:37.  This despite the fact that a late start forced her to swim through a crowd of half-marathoners and slower full marathoners in the early part of the race.


She has accomplished all of this with just 90 minutes of personal training per week, and follows a running plan that I lay out for her.  She does an excellent job of eating well, while most would use her busy schedule as an excuse to slack.  Despite the impressive exploits she's recently completed, Joslyn is more motivated than ever, and seeks to compete in a half or full marathon every month for the next year.  She'll also compete in the Lion's Chase Obstacle Course in September.  



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January 5, 2020

December 27, 2017

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