Stop making excuses and wasting the days.  Stop wasting your money on miracle drugs, fad diets, and supplements.


Get the professional guidance, encouragement and discipline you need and see the benefits in your health, performance, and appearance.


Are you afraid you can't afford it?  You can't put a price on your health but if you're going to, these rates are a bargain!  Spend a little money now and save a lot of money later.


Knowledge, Support, Accountability​!

Forever a student, Jamie will tailor your program to fit your needs.  With nothing to sell but his own knowlegde and guidance, Jamie will never put your needs behind his personal gain.  Your gain is his gain.  To read more click here.  To find out what his clients think of him, click here.

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Winchester-Clark County Parks and Recreation Members can call (859) 744-9554 to request a call back or fill out an interest form on-site.

Located in Winchester, Kentucky             Serving the Lexington area            Some services available everywhere

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