There's an option for every group or individual.  Please contact Jamie with any questions about services.

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Get training SPECIFIC TO YOU.  Every individual has their own background, limitations, resources and goals. You're unique and your program should be too.  With Jamie you'll get a level of personalization and professionalism that you can't get anywhere else.  Training is available at the Winchester-Clark County Parks and Recreation facility at College Park, or at an appropriate arranged location (such as your home).  Video training sessions are also an option.


Rates at College Park (other rates are negotiable but will be similar)

30 minutes: $30 ($35 for 2 people, $40 for 3 people)

45 minutes: $40 ($48 for 2 people, $56 for 3 people)

60 minutes: $45 ($55 for 2 people, $65 for 3 people)



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Do you have a large group of people that you want to shape up? Let Jamie help with planning, implementation and education that can potentially save your company lots of future medical costs and improve productivity.  Get the guidance you need to get your group on track.


Rates are negotiable depending on size and scope of the program you want. 

Corporate Wellness Group Fitness
private coaching winchester ky


Are you looking for improved performance in running or a track & field event?  Coaching yourself is an incredibly difficult task and understandably many athletes don't get the attention they need from traditional sources.  Take the guesswork out and get one on one, professional coaching, and watch your personal bests steadily improve.  


Rates are $50 per session but discounts for multiple athletes are negotiable.  Sessions typically last about 80 minutes but will vary based on your needs.  Video coaching sessions are also a possibility.



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Are you a powerlifter looking for the best technique or just a bigger total?  Coaching yourself is an incredibly difficult task.  Don't beat your head against a wall.  Instead get the professional guidance you need to be at your best.


Rates are the same as personal training rates but extended sessions are an option.  Rates are negotiable for extended sessions.



sport specific training lexington ky


Do you have an athletic team or tactical squadron that needs specific training to optimize sport or job performance?  Get the professional help you need to design and apply a strength and conditioning program that fits your group.


Rates are negotiable depending on the size and scope of the program you want.

personal fitness evaluations and plans lexington ky


Are you looking for professional guidance with your personal fitness or sport training plan, but don't necessarily desire a hands on approach?  While face to face training and coaching are optimal, Jamie understands that not everyone has the budget, time or desire for that level of assistance.  For those that just want a plan to push them in the right direction and keep them on track, this is your option. 


Rates for an original and individualized plan start at a minimum of $90 and are negotiable depending on the length and scope of the plan you want.


For those that wish to get started right away I have two plans ready for action and listed below.  A one-time Paypal payment of $30 not only gets you the layout and instructions you need to build the body you want, but it also gets you email support from the author himself.

Progressive Full-Body Fitness is a six week program for the man or woman of any fitness level, pursuing a balanced and fit body from head to toe. It has built in progression, consistency and variety.

Lean and Powerful is an 8 week program for men and women pursuing more strength and power. Adapted from Jamie’s own workout, it is designed for advanced, athletic individuals.