The following is a collection of videos where people were simply asked why they work with Jamie.  You'll also find some unsolicited reviews in text form.

Marshia Hawkins

Beth Rompf

Bill & Bibby Anderson

Ann Stenzel & Nola Hamilton

Cory Johnson

Shawn Jakubowski Head Coach at Berea College

In three years as head coach at Tennessee Wesleyan College, Shawn coached 14 All-Americans, 1 National Champion, and won 5 Conference Championships.  

Joslyn Stanfield

Karen Midden

Nate Stanback

Leann Johnson & Laura Richardson

Bill McGraw

Keith Sams

Debbie Evans

I have seen Jamie work with both young and old, endurance athletes to people working out for the first time. In each instance, Jamie had an exercise routine structured to each individual’s ability and desire. And in my case, he has been able to give me more advanced work outs as my fitness improves.

Jamie has the education, knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience to fill whatever fitness needs you might have.  I would highly recommend Jamie as your personal trainer.  7/16/18

Daniel Borden

Coach Jamie was incredible! His demeanor and ability was a perfect match for our grandson. With the first session we were able to see improvement in Matts ability and confidence! His teaching style of participation was very uplifting. His instruction on nutrition, rest, hydration were so wise and doable for our 16 year old! We cannot say enough about how he has helped our whole family.  5/23/16

Kathy Wadlington

Some quick notes about how I've improved,  unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to race a 1k track time trail race officially but I have timed a few.  The 1k I had timed a couple of weeks ago ended up being a 1:20.  I made that time after a day of racing and after all the races were finished we had a couple hour work out session, then I timed my 1k time trail.  To me this was very significant because last year the best time I had while being fresh in the same race was a 1:23.  
    Thank you very much for the work out plan, it has helped massively and I am excited for cyclocross and road seasons (my main disciplines) to begin, and see the improvements made there.  Thank you so much for your time it has been a huge help!    9/7/17

Anonymous Collegiate Cyclist

Don Pruitt

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