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Monthly Feature for July 2016

July's feature is the Andersons, better known as Bill and Bibby.

Bill first came to me this past December. He wanted to get back in shape so that he would be strong enough to take care of his true love Bibby. Bibby has long suffered from the debilitating disease of Alzheimer's. Since that time Bill has been making good on his promise to take care of his better half.

Bill has been a regular twice per week for an hour each session, and also does workouts on the elliptical trainer on his own two or three times per week. He has seen big improvements in his strength, stamina, and range of motion at the shoulders and hips. He recently played basketball for the first time in years, and perhaps he'll get back on the tennis court in the near future as well.

In addition to those improvements, Bill has also been taking walks with his grandkids on a regular basis. Those walks along with the healthier diet he's been following from Gina Lang's Day One nutrition program have led to recent weight-loss.

Bibby has also been doing training sessions once per week for thirty-minutes. Bibby did not seem pleased to be participating in the earliest stage. However she soon warmed to the process and now seems to genuinely enjoy the training. Bibby has improved her strength and made new friends as well.

I'm very glad to know the Andersons. They recently celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary and are one of the happiest couples I know. They are inspiring to be around and I've even picked up a little bit of wisdom from ole' Bill. Bill told me that he "chooses to not let things bother him." As simple as it is, it's great advice.

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