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Monthly Feature for January 2018

Over the past 6 months Diane Reschke has made my job very easy. She does 3 half-hour sessions per week without exception which has helped her blow off steam from the stresses of work and life in general. It has also helped her realize and progress towards many physical goals she has.

Diane says she was a weakling when she first started which is not exactly true, but she has improved her strength with amazing consistency week after week. She has improved her plank from a respectable 70 seconds to 3 very impressive minutes. Her balance has also dramatically improved since she started training, largely due to her perseverance with single-leg deadlifts. She also improved her stamina a great deal as evident by the longer faster runs she completes in between training sessions.

Aesthetically, Diane has trimmed at the waist, added muscle to her arms, and lost a little weight. She has since been able to maintain within 2 pounds of her ideal. While not a vegetarian, she does eat a measured, plant-based diet.

Diane is one of the toughest and most determined clients I've ever worked with. Those traits combined with her consistent workouts and diet will keep her reaching higher and higher levels of fitness.

I asked Diane if she had anything to say about our sessions and I'm happy to report some of compliments here. She currently works with the best trainer she's ever had. He's knowledgeable, patient and offers constructive criticism.

I always consider the source when I evaluate information, so those words mean a great deal to me.

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