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Monthly Feature for October 2018

Jill Skinner might be the most dramatic transformation I have witnessed as a trainer. She first came to me last December at the recommendation of her chiropractor Perry Williams. She had been experiencing persistent sciatica and he thought a strength building program would be beneficial for her.

Jill's sciatica caused her lots of pain, irritation and stiffness on a daily basis and limited her activities. This was all very evident in her poor posture, and slow, gingerly movements, always limited to a small range of motion. Despite her doubts about future activities, Jill wanted to run again, something she hadn't done in months.

We took a slow methodical approach to her exercise program, gradually increasing fitness and tolerance for exercise stress. We focused on core strength and safe, healthy motor patterns. Jill started noticing positive results after about a month. As the months continued to go by her flair ups became increasingly rare and less severe. Now eleven months in she no longer worries about bending over, she has noticed muscle development in her hips and just feels better in general.

I have noticed that she now moves faster and with confidence. Her movement patterns are better and she just seems to be in less pain and not surprisingly, a better mood.

Jill is now running on her treadmill everyday at very close to the speed and distance she had done in years past. She also began running outdoors again with no pain.

Jill deserves a tremendous amount of credit for improving her own quality of life. It is her discipline,

patience and perseverance that led to her recovery.

I'm so proud to have played a role in allowing her to keep enjoying her active outdoorsy life style with her husband and two boys.

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