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Monthly Feature for March 2018

Cameron Shortridge is this month's feature following his recent feat of strength. In less than 6 weeks he upped his deadlift from 260 pounds to 315 pounds. Yes that is 3 big plates on each side of the bar being pulled up by an 8th grader.

Cameron has been lifting with the football team for a couple of seasons and will be playing at GRC High School in the fall. His mother December wanted to insure he was using proper technique and not neglecting other aspects of fitness such as flexibility.

In the last couple of months we have done just that. Cameron has learned proper form on a number of lifts including the deadlift, squats and power cleans, increased his stretching repertoire and frequency, and recently worked on frontal plane strength. Most weight training is done in the sagittal plane but adding in some frontal plane or lateral movements makes a more balanced and healthy athlete that is much faster moving from left to right.

Cameron learns very quickly and when matched with his positive attitude, he sees great results very quickly. We still have more lifts to address and some running to do but I'm quite sure he will continue to master his craft.

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