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Monthly Feature for September 2018

"I have some thoughts to share about how good it feels to lose 56 pounds. I have more energy. My body does not ache. I sleep better. I look and feel better wearing smaller clothes. With all of this to feel good about, the thing I am most proud of is knowing that after 30 years of continuous failure, I have found a path to success. Of course there is more work to do, but being in control is a special feeling that I have not known until now. All the accomplishments I have enjoyed in my career in professional racing and now aviation do not compare to how it feels to have this new confidence. With Jamie's expertise and guidance I have confidence that I can continue toward my goal. Thank you Jamie!"

_Kirby Riggs

Not only is Kirby at his lightest weight in decades but he has lost more than a foot from his waist circumference. Kirby actually got off to a slow start. Old habits are hard to break and we spent most of those early months improving his fitness and building his knowledge and confidence. However he is now on a roll and has lost 31 pounds and 4.5 inches from his waist in less than 3 months.

I instantly liked Kirby and saw great potential in him. He struck me as honest, rational, intelligent and disciplined. All of those qualities have helped him navigate a difficult journey of lifestyle change, in which he could have easily caved to excuses. Kirby is a full-time aviation mechanic and spends most of his free-time either running his own metal fabrication shop or taking care of his mother.

Kirby is on no fad diet. He added 2 one-hour sessions per week of intense exercise in the gym with me along with significant walking nearly everyday. He even incorporates some jogging and hikes with his son at times, two things that would have been nearly impossible just a short time ago. On top of the exercise Kirby makes good food choices on a regular basis. He is now aware of portion sizes and total calorie needs. He no longer treats himself to soda pop, sugary-sweets or fast food. He has replaced the junk with fruits, vegetables and lean meats like dear and fish.

Kirby started to feel better even before large weight-losses started to occur. His strength has improved and he has shown much better range of motion at his shoulders, hips and knees. His stamina is dramatically better and continues to improve quickly.

Kirby is not resting on his success. Instead he is feeding on it and highly motivated to continue dropping pounds and inches. He has plans to take his wife horseback riding in the near future, again something that would have been impossible not so long ago.

I'm incredibly proud of what Kirby has done and continues to do, and I always look forward to seeing him at our sessions, no matter how sweaty he may be.

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