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The Fitness and Health Honor Roll 2018

Aleene Eury has shrunk. She has lost 14 pounds, and slimmed down approximately 2.5 inches from the waist, 2 inches from the hips, chest and each thigh, 1.5 inches from each arm, and 1 inch from each shin. She is generally in better fitness and health.

Bill Anderson continues to build the strength and fitness he needs to take care of his beloved wife Bibby. His balance and agility have improved to the point that tennis and basketball are enjoyable pass times once again. Bill is the epitome of dedication.

Daniel Borden is not the guy you see lolly gagging in the gym in front of the mirror or stuck in his phone. He is hard at circuit training, running and traditional weights and it has shown in his fitness and manly appearance.

Ginger Jennings lost a whopping 4 inches from her waist. If that wasn't enough she no longer has shoulder pain or trouble moving boxes at her dry-cleaning business.

Janet White might be the toughest person I've ever worked with. She has continued to improve her strength, balance and fitness and has less pain in her hands. She was also able to balance the strength and size of her legs that were once asymmetrical.

Jill Skinner was the Monthly Feature for October because of her dramatic recovery from sciatica. Where she was once hampered by constant pain, she now continues to build fitness and good body mechanics.

Karen Midden began this year with a broken ankle. She has worked hard to recover and is now back running. Karen continues her steady improvement and now has a done a 2 minute plank as documented evidence of her progress. Maybe most impressively Karen has balanced out her hips and shoulders which were once very elevated on the left side.

Kirby Riggs was featured in September for his great weight-loss effort. He now stands at 73 pounds and 16 inches on his waist lost.

Marshia Hawkins has been featured several times in the past as someone who has doggedly transformed her lifestyle for positive change. It was Marshia's 5 minute plank that inspired Diann Reschke to pursue the same. The pair are pictured together above.

Nate Stanback hit all-time personal bests for the deadlift (415) and squat (300) this year. He also bench pressed 260. More impressive than the numbers is the fact that he is steadily improving, staying healthy, and looks the way he wants to look, three things that most thirty-something dad's don't normally do.

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