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Monthly Feature for October 2016

October 28, 2016




Laura Richardson and Leann Johnson were my very first clients here in Winchester back on November 7th of 2014.  At that time I had no plans of training full-time and my experience training for a gym in Tennessee was not a particularly positive one.  That all changed rather quickly here, and a lot of it had to do with my first clients.

Laura and Leann are a blast to train.  They are willing to try unorthodox methods such as field day and boxing workouts.  They are not afraid to work incredibly hard at our sessions.  They are punctual, consistent (in 2 years they've missed only a couple of sessions), and positive even if a cuss word slips out and floats in my direction.  Beyond the actual workouts, they are funny, friendly and have made me feel welcome in Winchester.  I've even worked with their friends, children and Leann's husband Cory thanks to kind words they've shared about me.

Laura and Leann were already very fit when we began working together, in fact they are both fitness instructors themselves. They have used our sessions to get new ideas, master correct form, and get a push that keeps them progressing.  Their already high fitness has improved all-around in the last two years and I see a drastic difference in their mobility (particularly around the hips) and full-body strength.  The once restrictive hips now allow a full range of motion through the most complex exercises and weights have doubled in a number of exercises.  I'm very proud of the progress they've made.

Thank you Laura and Leann!

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