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Monthly Feature for February 2017

February 27, 2017


I am proud to present Nola Hamilton and Ann Stenzel as my feature for February.  Despite having different strengths, weaknesses and goals, Nola and Ann have been making gains together since the summer of 2015.

In that time they have both improved full body and particularly core strength.  This added strength and stability helps them deal with back issues that have plagued them for many years.  Nola has massively improved shoulder strength and stability, and increased the range of motion in her hip and shoulder joints.  Ann has sculpted strong, impressive-looking arms and is now half-way to her ideal weight, which she hopes to achieve before her daughter's wedding.  

These ladies have found success because, they're tough, they don't make excuses, and exercise is a consistent part of their everyday lifestyle.  They do a lot of work on their own, but come to me for technique, new exercises, and to work on weaknesses.

I love training them because they are good, hardworking clients, that have helped me tremendously in building a training business.  I also love training them because, they are fun, funny and each session feels like a little social event.



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January 5, 2020

December 27, 2017

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