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Monthly Feature for October 2017

October 1, 2017

Joslyn Stanfield has been training with me for more than 2 years, steadily demolishing personal goal, after personal goal.  Despite that she remains ferociously hungry and continues to look higher and higher.

Her latest accomplishment was qualifying for the Boston Marathon by running 3:31:17 at the Erie Marathon in Pennsylvania back in early September.  Reaching that long-term goal required Joslyn to train through some tough periods when such a time seemed like a long-shot.  It also required her to train full bore in the heat of summer which is something Joslyn has always struggled with.  Despite the struggles, she knocked off more than 12 minutes from her personal best and a whopping 37 minutes from her first marathon less than 2 years ago.

While Joslyn's focus in 2017 was certainly qualifying for the Boston Marathon, she still had some very impressive performances in the gym.  Below is a list one-rep maxes she has achieved in recent months:

seated over-head press 95 lbs

bench press 140 lbs

squat 225 lbs

deadlift 250 lbs

Joslyn also has included 3 sets of 7 pull-ups within her workouts.  Taken all-together she is a rare combination of strength and stamina.

She has managed to accomplish all of this because her self-discipline and mental toughness.  In addition to that she is always seeking information on how to improve, yet she is discerning of the sources.  A lot of people want help.  She seeks good sources and then actually puts the advice to work for her. 

What's left for Joslyn?  Immediately next is an insane trail race that covers 44 miles of tough terrain in 3 days in some of America's most beautiful parks, further improvement in the marathon at Boston, and possibly an ultra.  She also has a long-term goal of completing a half or full marathon in every state.



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January 5, 2020

December 27, 2017

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