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Monthly Feature for November 2017

"The Comeback Kid" Marshia Hawkins had some incredibly bad luck in the last year, but has managed to stay calm and carry on. More than that she has continued the success she enjoyed in 2016 and managed to recover from 3 accidents that caused a couple of serious injuries.

In November of 2016, Marshia was struck by a truck as she was leaving a store on foot. In the same week she was involved in a car accident. Marshia was not at fault in either accident and luckily came away with only a sore hip and a broken clavicle. We spent the first half of this year regaining strength, range of motion and confidence in the affected shoulder.

Just as the shoulder was feeling fully recovered, Marshia tripped on a dangerous set of stairs at an AirBnB and injured a knee. Initial fears were of a ligament tear but after many test and exams, a torn muscle was to blame for the pain. This set off another round of recovery focused training that included agility ladder work and step-ups of various kinds (as seen in the photo).

Marshia had this to say about her most recent injury:

"I was very uncomfortable in the beginning, but I trusted you and worked through the pain. Now it feels recovered."

It means a great deal to me to have earned the trust of such a discerning lady!

Marshia is now back in her normal routine which includes a great deal of activity between her everyday workouts and running a ceramics studio ( Marshia also includes physical activity for recreation. She recently completed a 3 mile hike, the longest since her knee injury. Throughout the recovery she has managed to keep her waist line and cholesterol in check.

Put simply...Marshia is an All-Star.

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