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Monthly Feature for December 2017

Janet White and I have a lot in common. We both hail from small towns in the same mountainous region of Virginia and we both attended Berea College for our undergraduate degrees. We have both made big changes and eventually settled into careers where our fascination with the human body could be put to good use. However, its our common ability to push our physical limits that inspired this article. I have been working with Janet for 6 months now for twice a week, and I'm constantly amazed at her tenacity in the gym, pool and anywhere else she finds herself.

Janet is a retired physician that now spends most her time taking care of 50 acres and her beloved horses. As you might suspect this is a physically demanding workload for one person to bear. She came to me with simple goals of improving her strength, stamina and general viability. Her results have been fantastic due to her work ethic. In addition to our sessions, Janet swims for up to an hour most mornings and often works out on her own utilizing what she has learned from training.

Janet's improvements in strength and flexibility have helped her with horseback riding. She even rode bareback for the first time in a year and didn't experience any soreness afterward. She has also improved her strength in her left arm and left leg. She has better control and mobility on the formerly weaker side which has become very evident when walking uphill or swimming. She no longer has popping in her shoulder, has less wrist pain, and lower blood pressure. We have also done measurements that indicate a positive change in body composition.

Janet is the poster girl for what toughness and consistency can accomplish together.

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