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2019 Honor Roll

January 5, 2020

2019 was another great year for many of the folks I had the pleasure of working with.  Here is a real quick summary of highlights in random order.


Aleene Eury

*lowered her blood pressure into a healthy range

*improved bone density

*maintained last year's weight loss and showed great toughness and resilience this year


Bill Anderson

*made a full recovery from a major surgery to repair 5 hernias and continues to do the things he loves, such as: playing with grandchildren, playing basketball and tennis and taking care of his beloved wife Bibby


Daniel Borden

*lost about 10 pounds and improved nearly all measures of metabolic health

*set 5 major fitness goals, 3 of which he completed or even demolished; he is hot on the trail of the other 2


Diann Reschke

*IPL world record holder for deadlift in her age group and earned USPA International Elite status

*did pull-ups for the first time in decades

*improved bone density


Larry Ertel

*lowered his cholesterol

*improved his flexibility


Ginger Jennings

*lost an inch off her waist, lowered her cholesterol and again had excellent health screening numbers

*pain in hands has subsided and blemishes have disappeared since improving her diet


Janet White

*lowered both systolic and diastolic blood pressure

*balanced strength in legs and improved coordination in left leg

*continues to improve fitness through discipline and toughness


Joslyn Stanfield

*set Kentucky state powerlifting records in her age group in both the USPA and RPS

*ran her 2nd Boston Marathon

*trained through pneumonia to compete in her first powerlifting meet in March before running Boston a few weeks later


Karen Midden

*improved bone density 4% and her spine is now on par with that of women less than half her age

*she continues to train consistently and continue to try new things, traits that have kept her mind and body healthy and hearty


Kirby Riggs

*maintained his stunning weight-loss and improved his blood pressure to the point of no longer needing medication


Lee Ann York

*made a full recovery from an MCL tear and continues to steadily improve fitness

*after a great season of sporting clays, she was promoted to the next division


Nate Stanback

*in the best shape of his life in his late 30s


Ashley & Nicole Sparks

*continue to make strength and fitness gains


Steve Reschke

*holds all 5 age group world records for powerlifting in 365 Strong and held the USPA national record in the deadlift

*earned a silver medal in shot put and bronze in discus in his age group at the Bluegrass State games which was his first ever track & field meet

*drastically improved flexibility and mobility

*lost 18 pounds and has had to tighten a lot of belts


Brace Jennings

*his high school soccer days are over but he continues to improve his health and fitness and is on a path to long-term success


Rodney Riggs

*lost 15 pounds and 1.5 inches from his waist in 5 months, while gaining strength

*finished 2nd in his weight class in his first powerlifting meet


Autumn Scott

*started for the GRC Cardinals soccer team that won the 39th District and 10th Region championships


Bill McCann

*finished his first triathlon


Karen Hammons

*lost 2" from her waist, 3" from her hips and 1" from each arm in 2 months

*she also dropped 12 pounds in that time


Jamie Ness

*owns the top curl of all-time (all ages, all weights) by Wilks score in 365 Strong

*set 3 USPA Kentucky state powerlifting records for my age group

*State Games of America gold medalist in shot put and disc for my age group

*set personal best in disc, hammer and javelin









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January 5, 2020

December 27, 2017

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