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Monthly Feature for June 2016

June 18, 2016



I'm once again recognizing Emma Brown as the monthly feature for her stellar work in improving her health and personal satisfaction.  

Before working with me, Emma's weight-loss total was already impressive.  Many folks would have been satisfied there, and slowly gained the weight back, but that is not Emma.  Instead, she has worked diligently with me and on her own to keep getting better.  

While she has a very active social life with family, friends, clubs and church, she does not use those things as excuses to let up on her goals.  I'm sure she draws funny looks, when choosing healthier food options in the most social of situations, but the results are undeniably positive.  

Emma has lost 25 pounds since last August.  While she has had set-backs and hit plateaus, she has not given up.  Each time she has recommitted herself and reclaimed steady weight-loss, by monitoring her diet with Weight-Watchers and making good choices, even when it's hard to do.

Emma has also seen big improvements in her stamina and balance, strengthened her already strong limbs, and made huge gains in her core strength.  She has done this with just two sessions of 30 minutes each week.  Though she rarely misses a session and supplements with her own walking and sometimes weight training workouts.

Emma's discipline and long-term dedication have made her very successful and will continue to aid her in the future.  I'm very proud to work with her. 


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