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Monthly Feature for August 2016

August 25, 2016


Beth Rompf has been working with me for nearly a year, since her friend Karen Midden first encouraged her.  Beth wanted to improve her strength, balance, posture and stamina, as well as lose some weight.  In that time she has made great gains in all of those categories.


By the numbers Beth is now walking at twice the speed she started on the treadmill and can go up to a 6% incline comfortably at her original flat speed.  She has slimmed down from head to toe, losing several inches, most notably 2 3/8 inches from her right thigh (and probably the left too) and 4 1/2 inches from her waist.  She has also lost 12 pounds in the last 12 weeks simply by watching her portions and being conscious of what she's eating.


While the numbers are great, the real story is in how she feels.  Beth now has a much easier time navigating airports, basketball games, stairs, low-seats, and long car rides.  She experiences less pain everyday including ridding herself of plantar fasciitis.  I can easily see that she now moves with greater ease, confidence, speed and agility.  Her posture has also very visibly improved.  


Beth has been incredibly consistent over the last year, only missing her two one-hour sessions per week when she is out of town, making the most of her retirement.  Even then she tries to make up those sessions and recently started exercising on her own on those trips.  I credit her success to her very positive attitude and long-term approach.


I'm so proud of Beth for making these improvements in her everyday life and I'm sure it's just the beginning.  I look forward to our always enjoyable meetings.  The biggest challenge is keeping our wide reaching conversations in check so that we might make the most of those hours.

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January 5, 2020

December 27, 2017

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