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Monthly Feature for December 2016

December 3, 2016

   I chose Marshia Hawkins as my monthly feature back in March after her early success.  Now after nearly a full year together, I think she would be better described as THE Marshia Hawkins.  After reaching the initial goals she set back in March, Marshia set even higher goals to reach by the end of this year.  Those goals included losing 8 more pounds, continue losing inches from her waist, and most importantly having no need for cholesterol medication.  She has reached all of those goals with a month to spare.  Marshia lost those 8 pounds and cut 2 more inches from her waist.  In the last 3 months she lowered her cholesterol level by 22%, her LDL levels by 23%, and her triglycerides level by 60%.  These astounding numbers were accomplished without the use of medication.

   Marshia has consistently kept up with a daily workout routine that includes Silver Sneakers classes, yoga, personal training sessions with me, and workouts on her own.  Marshia adjusted her diet to see initial improvements in body composition and blood lipids.  However she found herself a little bit stuck and progressing slower than she wanted.  I introduced her to my friend and client Gina Lang of Day One who helped her develop the diet that pushed her over the hump in the last month.  Marshia is very pleased with the results and describes the success as follows: "Takes rigorous mathematical diet but Day One is tasty and gives lots of snacks through the day which really helps cravings..."

   Marshia accomplished all of this despite having horrendous luck in the last few weeks and surviving the Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas season.  She has been involved in a couple of accidents (neither of which were her fault), that now require her to rest and allow injuries to recover.  I know Marshia will not let those accidents stop her from continuing to improve her health and reach yet even higher goals.  While others might use such incidents as an excuse to give in, Marshia is still looking to improve.

   Marshia's success is a testament to her strong will and discipline.  She is proof of an individuals power to achieve even when circumstances or genetics are stacked against them.  She is also proof that not every problem needs a pill for a solution.


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